How To Beat Dry Skin In 2023

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No one wants dry skin, but at some point in our lives, we’ll all deal with the flaky, itchy, and not-so-attractive effects of a compromised moisture barrier. Fortunately, because this condition is so universal, there are countless ways to treat it.

At Dania Dermatology, we take a holistic approach to addressing dry skin. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Stanley Skopit and our team of providers work to rule out any underlying conditions and provide treatment recommendations so you can enjoy a healthy complexion all year.

Eliminate Dry Skin Triggers

Dry skin, also known as xeroderma, has many causes, from medication side effects to environmental factors. If you’re dealing with dry skin, the first step is to remove anything that triggers the condition.

Some factors that might be causing your dry skin include:

  • Long hot showers
  • Dry air from indoor heating units
  • Abrasive skin care products
  • Dyes and chemicals
  • Prolonged sun exposure

To promote healthier skin in 2023, you could add a humidifier to your bedroom, wash your skin with cooler water, avoid UV rays, and choose non-irritating products.

Choose the Right Products to Treat Dry Skin

If you’re prone to dry skin, wearing a daily moisturizer is important to your overall skin health. A lighter-weight product with an SPF of 30 can shield your skin throughout the day without giving you an oily look. At night, you can use a creamier moisturizer to create a protective barrier.

It can be tricky to pick the right skin care products. At Dania Dermatology, we know what works for one patient doesn’t always work for another. If you’re having trouble finding a routine that promotes balance, we’re always happy to talk through options at your appointment.

Create Your Skin Care Plan With a Dania, Florida Dermatologist

While dry skin often responds well to home treatments, many underlying conditions present similarly. At Dania Dermatology, Dr. Skopit can diagnose and treat eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, and other skin conditions that cause dryness.

It can also be helpful to meet with a dermatologist if your dry skin is recurring or chronic. As skin care specialists, our providers are knowledgeable about product ingredients that may act as irritants as well as effective solutions to restore your skin’s moisture barrier.

Book a consultation to create your comprehensive skin rejuvenation plan and achieve the healthy skin you want in 2023. Contact our Dania Point dermatology practice at 954-807-9433.

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