Do I Have Skin Cancer?

skin cancer exam on a female patient

It can be an alarming feeling when you find an unusual mole or skin lesion. You might wonder if it’s a harmless spot or something serious like skin cancer. Before you hit the panic button, it’s important to remember that cancer isn’t diagnosed at a glance and can look like several benign conditions.

At Dania Dermatology, our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Stanley Skopit, has successfully treated countless patients with both benign and malignant skin lesions. Instead of worrying, book an appointment at 954-807-9433 or read on to learn more about the common signs of skin cancer.

What Do the Early Stages of Skin Cancer Look Like?

Squamous cell carcinoma often appears as a firm, red lump, a sore that won’t heal, or a scaly growth that crusts over. Basal cell carcinoma can look similar, causing open sores or small bumps on the skin.

When performing skin self-checks, you should always examine your moles and make a note of any new spots. Melanoma often has several characteristics that we abbreviate to ABCDE. This stands for:

  • Asymmetry: One side of the spot isn’t like the other.
  • Border: The edges of your mole are scalloped, blurred, or uneven.
  • Color: You notice color variations within the spot, including tan, red, brown, blue, white, or black.
  • Diameter: The spot is about the size of a pencil eraser (though melanomas can be smaller).
  • Evolving: Your mole continues to grow or change color.

While looking out for changes to your skin texture or new spots is important, only a medical provider can diagnose skin cancer. If you notice any of the above symptoms, it’s time to book a screening.

What Happens During a Skin Cancer Screening?

During your skin cancer screening, you’ll change into a gown so our board-certified dermatologist can perform a head-to-toe examination. We’ll map your existing moles and note any changes in the amount or appearance of these spots at the next screening. If you have atypical moles or lesions, we might perform a same-day biopsy to rule out skin cancer. 

Schedule Your Dania, Florida Skin Cancer Screening

As a board-certified dermatologist with decades of experience, Dr. Skopit is passionate about helping his patients live long, happy lives with healthy skin. If you’re concerned about the possibility of skin cancer, you’re in good hands at Dania Dermatology. Our Dania, Florida practice offers the full spectrum of dermatological services. Get back your peace of mind by booking your skin cancer screening at 954-807-9433.

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