Do cysts come back after aspiration?

Big cyst hygroma, fluid filled lump associated with a joint Patients who have cysts on the skin may find that they can be large, painful, and embarrassing. In situations such as this, patients will want to connect with a dermatologist who can help them in draining the cyst, or “aspirating it,” to alleviate inflammation and discomfort that might be associated with them. Dr. Stanley Skopit at Dania Dermatology is a specialized provider that has the experience to provide patients with relief from cysts and other skin growths.

What types of cysts can be aspirated?

Any cyst on the skin can be aspirated, or drained of fluid, by a qualified professional. This includes sebaceous cysts, ganglion cysts, and epidermoid cysts. Using a needle, the dermatologist can drain the cyst. If there is a risk of infection, Dr. Stanley Skopit may also prescribe and even apply antibiotics.

Can cysts come back after aspiration?

Because aspiration just drains the fluid from the cyst and doesn’t remove it, there is a risk of the fluid returning. At that point, a visit to the dermatology office will help patients determine the best course of action to alleviate the problem in a more long-term manner. Excision might be considered for cysts that continue to return after aspiration and become problematic for individuals.

Are cysts cancerous?

Any time a new growth or tumor appears on the skin, it needs to be evaluated by a professional to determine if the growth is indicative of cancer. Removing a sample by performing a biopsy is one way to evaluate the growth further to decide if cancer is present. Patients should be visiting Dania Dermatology every year for an annual skin cancer screening, during which any changes in the skin can be assessed and evaluated thoroughly.

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