What Happens in a Skin Cancer Screening

Female dermatologist examining female patient's skin with dermascope, doctor is carefully looking for signs of skin cancer Skin cancer is a growing form of cancer that is caused by the development of cancerous skin cells. In many cases, the risk of skin cancer significantly increases with sun exposure or tanning bed use. Many young adults are being diagnosed with skin cancer, and the numbers continue to rise. Dr. Stanley Skopit of Dania Dermatology encourages patients to learn about ways to take care of their skin and protect it from the risk of cancer, while also screening routinely with a dermatological professional. At Dania Dermatology, we encourage all adults to undergo a skin cancer screening every year. 

What happens during a skin cancer screening? 

Skin cancer screening is a visual examination of the patient’s skin from head to toe. During this appointment, Dr. Stanley Skopit will evaluate the skin throughout the body, looking for unusual marks, growths, or changes in moles or birthmarks that might indicate the risk of skin cancer. He checks for changes in shape, color, size, and texture, and with each visit, performs mole mapping to watch existing moles for signs of cancer. When performed by an experienced dermatologist, patients can rest easy that any cancerous areas are caught early enough for successful intervention. 

How should I prepare for my skin cancer screening? 

  • Keep your hair loose so the scalp can be effectively examined
  • Point out any new or changing growths, moles, or skin patches to the dermatologist
  • Avoid wearing makeup as it can cover areas of concern

What happens if growth is concerned? 

If Dr. Stanley Skopit spots a growth or change in the skin that might be indicative of cancer, a biopsy may be performed. This is when the skin is manually removed and sent off to a laboratory for further evaluation. If the biopsy comes back positive for skin cancer, patients work with their dermatologist to determine their next steps. 

How do I schedule a skin cancer screening? 

Dr. Stanley Skopit and his team at Dania Dermatology work routinely with patients of the Dania, FL area who are seeking cosmetic and medical dermatology services from a skilled professional. If you are interested in learning more about skin cancer screenings, or want to schedule one, call (954) 807-9433 today. Our team, conveniently located at 154 South Compass Way, is here to assist with annual skin cancer screenings and evaluations of moles and growths as they develop.   

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