How To Examine Your Skin for Cancer

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Self-screening is one of the best tools for catching skin cancer early. Performing regular self-screening in conjunction with regular visits to a dermatologist helps to ensure that skin cancer is caught at the earliest stage possible. These at-home self skin exams should be a part of your annual health maintenance routine, especially if you’re at increased risk of skin cancer or have had skin cancer before.

February is Cancer Prevention Month, so now is the perfect time to make these screenings a priority, not matter your age, race, or ethnicity.

Here are pointers to help you as you build your self-screening routine to detect skin cancer.

What to Look for During the Skin Cancer Screening

Look for new growths on your skin, rough scaly texture, moles that change in any way or appear suddenly, and sores that will not heal. If something seems off, trust your instincts and book an appointment for a formal screening.

How to Perform a Self-Exam

  1. You need a full-length mirror to perform an exam.
  2. You also need a mirror to hold to help see your backside and other spots.
  3. Look at your scalp.
  4. Look at your hands including the palm, each finger, and in-between your fingers.
  5. Look at your underarms along with your forearms, including elbows inside and out.
  6. Look at your neck all around as well as your chest and stomach.
  7. Look at your back.
  8. Look at your legs front and back, up and down including the ankles.
  9. Look at the bottom of your feet and in between your toes.
  10. If possible, ask a spouse or other trusted person to look behind your ears or anywhere else you can’t see.

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